Can i buy a fake PTE certificate

Can i buy a fake PTE certificate

Can i buy a fake PTE certificate online? The answer to this question is obviously YES! you can buy a fake PTE certificate online. But it is not recommended to do so. When you consider the fact that a PTE certificate is used only for official purposes, you will notice there is no tangible reason why someone should really want to buy a fake PTE certificate. Beware! the authorities know how to verify a genuine PTE certificate. So attempting attempting to use a fake PTE certificate will only put you into serious trouble with the authorities. You can even get banned from taking the exam on the official PTE certificate website.

What is a fake PTE Certificate?

A fake PTE certificate is simply one that is not registered on the Pearson’s Test of English official website. There are many unreliable companies out there selling fake PTE certificates online. But we are not one of such companies selling fake PTE certificates online. We are responsible professionals selling only genuine PTE certificates.

How to obtain a fake PTE certificate?

Obtaining a fake PTE certificate is simple. All you have to do is contact any company online selling fake PTE certificates and indicating to them you intend obtaining a fake PTE certificate. Please take note that a fake certificate is not registered on the Pearson’s Test of English official website database. Since we don’t sell fake PTE certificates, we can only guide you on how to obtain a genuine one.

How to Order a Genuine PTE Certificate Without Exam

  1. Visit our website “
  2. Navigate to contact us page.
  3. Fill the contact form with all the required information.
  4. Indicate the score you wish to get on the certificate.
  5. Upload passport size photographs on WhatsApp.
  6. Click the submit button to send us a message.
  7. Contact customer support for more information.
  8. Send us a WhatsApp message for more information.
  9. Also, you can send us an email for more information.
  10. Your order is complete.

How To Check If your Certificate Is Genuine Or Not?

Knowing how to verify your PTE score card to confirm the authenticity, is a skill you should learn today in order to avoid being scammed or getting banned by submitting a fake PTE score card.

The PTE certificate verification is strictly done online. When you are done with your test, you can expect the result within the nearest future. Basically Pearson PTE, releases your Score Report Card within 2-5 days. In order to access and verify your performance, you shall do the following:


Input your Login Credentials you obtained when booking the test

2) Navigate through your account and go to the My Activity Tab

You will be able to see your test information. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you shall see View Score. 

3) Click on View Score

If you find your PTE score card under the section, with the exact score of the score card you possess, then it means the PTE certificate is genuine. 

Once you complete the verification process, since PTE is strictly digital, you can easily share your score card on your own. All you have to do is, download the PDF version of your score card, and submit it to their university or organization requesting for it. You can also learn about how to check if an IELTS certificate is genuine or not?

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