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Buy PTE Certificate in India Without Exam

Buy PTE Certificate in India Without Exam. Traveling abroad requires some certain documents and qualifications apart from your passport and academic credentials. One of a strict requirement, is a proof that you have undergone an English Language assessment. Quite often, we mostly hear about IELTS Certification or TOEFL Certification. To book for an alternative,  PTE would serve perfectly for that purpose.

Why Choose PTE Certificate in India?

Globally accepted

PTE is globally accepted in countries like Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand.

No Exam

You can easily get a PTE certificate in India without taking the exams. Nevertheless, your PTE certificate will be database registered.

Money Back Guarantee

We sell only genuine PTE certificates in India. With a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Fair Testing

Unlike other examination this is completely unbiased as it graded by AI based on previous responses in which you’re graded on what you say not on your accent or anything else.

AI Testing

It means that you’re responses will be checked by advance algorithms which mimic human to determine you’re score which is free from any errors. Based on previous responses.

Fast Results

Due to A.I. the results are out in just 5 business days so students don’t have to wait too much.Also it is available in more than 50 countries with over 250 test centers.

Buy PTE Certificate Without Exams


Have you registered for the test yet? Are struggling with anxiety knowing well that you won’t be able to get your desired scores? Worried about your English language level? Well we understand what many of you go through prior to the exam. The good news we have for you all is your ability to Buy PTE Exam Papers. We came up with this process, to make everyone benefit from us. We fully understand you didn’t get to us on time, but it’s never to late with us. Buy your questions and answers exam papers now!!!


We give our candidates the ability to Update PTE Scores as well. With the challenges and difficulties people face during the test, it’s normal to come out of it without your desired scores. You may feel disappointed, worried, stressed about the fact that you will be taking the test over again. Well PTE Certificate got you all covered. Update your PTE Scores with ease and worry not. We change and upgrade your scores to higher levels. We always make sure you get a solution to whatsoever problem you may be facing regarding PTE.


Buy PTE Certificate Without Exams

To Get PTE Certificate online, we all are aware of the fact that, you need to take a PTE test. Which consist of going to the Pearson Test of English official websitepick a test date, choose your desired test center, buy PTE materials and eventually start practicing. In the end, note that your scores output solely depends on your personal abilities.

Listing the above, is quite stressful right? Same way we offer TOEFL without exam, IELTS without exam, Drivers License, Passport and so on, is eventually possible with PTE. 
You can Buy Genuine PTE Certificate Without Exam from the comfort of your home. Sounds interesting right? Obviously it’s a stress free procedure especially if you are not fluent in English or don’t really have time to take the test. We register you without you ever bothering following the normal route everyone does.

Pearson Test of English is perfect for anyone who wants to travel abroad!

What is PTE?

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is an international computer-based English Competency test. Candidates need to register online and sit for their test in an authorized PTE test center. There are many of these centers around the world.

Buy PTE Certificate Without Exams. We understand that many people don’t have the time to take the test. Many are non-english users. Some have taken this test countless times to no avail. Many are looking for a particular score settings. Some people have serious anxiety when faced with exams. Some hate the concept of examination. If you got the means and you wish to bypass the procedure, then you are good to go with us. Get your PTE certificate online with just a click.


 PTE AcademicIELTS
Test TypesPTE Academic test – Single test having 3 parts: speaking and writing (together), listening and reading

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

Includes Listening, Academic Reading, General Training Reading, Academic Writing, General Training, Writing, and Speaking.

Score ReportIncludes overall score (10 to 90 points), a score for each communicative skill (listening, reading, speaking, and writing: 10 to 90 points), and a score for each of the enabling skills.The overall band score (0-9) is the average of the scores assigned to each of the sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
Overall ScoreThe overall score is not an average calculation of the communicative scores.Average of the 4 sections scores, rounded to the nearest whole or half band
Scoring AccuracyAutomated scoring against the Global Scale of English (Thermometer-style scale)Human assessment (subject to manual errors)
Test FairnessHighMedium to High
ResultAvailable within five business days.

IELTS Paper test: Test Report Form available 13 days after your test

IELTS Computer test: Results available in 3 to 5 days after your test


Speaking TestYou speak into a microphoneFace-to-face speaking test with an examiner
Global AcceptanceSelect universities and governments but popular in many countries around the world.

A wider range of acceptance. More universities and governments worldwide enlist this language test on their website.


Frequently Asked Questions?

There is no limit set as to how many times one can sit the PTE test. But, there are some rules in place. For example, candidates cannot book more than one date at a time.
PTE scores are mainly accepted in countries like Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand. PTE scores are accepted in these countries to gain admission in universities and for immigration purposes. PTE scores are also accepted in Australia and New Zealand to obtain permanent residence.
The short answer is NO!. Both exams test your reading, writing, speaking, and listening ability and are commonly used as part of applications for Australian visas or to study at Australian universities.

What is the syllabus of PTE?

PTE SectionTotal Questions/Duration
Speaking & WritingNo. of Questions: 28 – 36 Duration: 54 – 67 minutes
Reading SectionNo. of Questions: 13 – 18 Duration: 29 – 30 minutes
Listening SectionNo. of Questions: 12 – 20 Duration: 30 – 43 minutes

How long is PTE Academic Valid?

In general, similar to the IELTS test result, the PTE Academic Score Report is valid up to a period of two years for study purposes and three years for immigration purposes that can potentially lead to permanent residency.

How to Order PTE Certificate Without Exams.

  1. Fill the contact form with all the required information.
  2. Indicate the score you wish to get on the certificate.
  3. Upload passport size photographs.
  4. Click the submit button to send us a message.
  5. Contact customer support for more information.
  6. Send us a WhatsApp message for more information.
  7. Also, you can send us an email for more information.
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